Frequently Asked Questions

Please read our frequently asked questions to clarify some doubts.

The minimum quantity of fabrication is variable depending on the customer and if there is a contract in force. This also depends on the product to be manufactured. However, we have a minimum standard of 30 products.

We have many forms of payment. It all depends on the negotiation. We handle cash-on-delivery and credit payments for our customers.

It all depends on the quantity of garments and design variations requested by each customer. We usually take 20 days to deliver orders.

Good Will has more than 30 years of experience in the corporate and advertising apparel market. We have the infrastructure and experience necessary to meet your staffing requirements to be effective in our processes and benefit our customers with the staffing process.

Our endowment consultant will come to visit you with the samples you require for your endowment. These samples can be of both product and fabric types. Upon receipt of the production order, we start our production process and deliveries will be made to the points agreed upon in the negotiation.

We have many types of fabrics for your employees’ work equipment. This is possible thanks to all our high quality suppliers with whom we have contracts. This allows us to develop unique colors for your endowment and to take to the limit the customization of the fabric that your company needs.

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