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This is our ultimate wholesale cap buying guide updated for 2021.

Learn the best tips to be prepared when buying wholesale hats.

Don’t forget, we are wholesale cap manufacturers and experts in wholesale cap supply and marketing.

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We are factory for wholesale caps

We are experts in wholesale caps and we make your ideas with the best quality in the market. We sell wholesale and retail.

Caps are very versatile garments. Depending on the industry, these serve as promotional garments or as endowment garments.

For this reason, it is important to note that almost all types of fabrics can be used to make wholesale or retail caps.

We are going to show you the fabrics that are commonly used in wholesale caps:

Caps in domestic denim

Denim is a type of fabric that can come in various presentations, either pre-washed or liquified.

Even so, the fact that they are imported or of national origin changes their quality in an important way.

We want to show you some natural advantages and disadvantages if you choose one option or the other.


Domestic fabrics have a much higher quality in terms of durability than imported fabrics.

However, the price is also much higher.

This disadvantage is mainly due to the fact that fabrics made in the country are imported and labor is much more expensive in Colombia.


The advantages of buying domestic denim caps are extensive.

These are generally made of 100% cotton.

This helps to make it more comfortable for the person whether they are on hot or cold ground.

Even so, it is necessary to make a section focused on the colors of the national drills:

The colors

The range of colors that can be found in driles from domestic suppliers is much wider.

If your brand has a very specific color, you are more likely to find the shade you need for your cap in domestic fabrics.

In addition, when you decide to make your wholesale caps with this type of reference, the colors between batches are usually much more even.

Unlike imported fabric, it may happen that if you buy wholesale caps, for example in purple, several things can happen:

  1. If there are too many caps, that order may have different shades of purple.
  2. For future orders it is difficult to find the same shade of fabric for your wholesale caps.

Caps in imported denim

Imported denim caps are an excellent value for money product.

However, depending on the type of supplier, it may present certain types of inconsistencies in quality.

In this case, you should count on a cap supplier to advise you in the best way.

Here in dotaciones Good Will we are experts in this type of products, since we are a wholesale and retail cap manufacturer and we are characterized in the quality of the cap and its custom design, do not hesitate to contact us.

Polyester or anti-fluid caps

These are a type of caps that have been taking an important boom in the last decade.

Supported with the well known trucker cap.

These caps are excellent value for money as their polyester material makes them more economical.

They are also very versatile when it comes to adding logos via embroidery, printing or sublimation.

For this reason, whether it is a basque or trucker type cap, we make the following recommendation if you are looking for savings:

It is always a good choice to choose a polyester fabric due to the number of colors available on the market and its price.

This will help you to make your promotional caps cheap and competitively priced.

Wholesale cap models

Wholesale caps have all kinds of models and these change according to the designer and the use you want to give it.

However, here we are going to focus on the type of caps that are used to enhance your brand at the advertising and business level.

This is so that you have some much clearer ideas about what kind of caps can work for you in relation to the objective you want to achieve.

Truck Caps

The trucker caps are a type of wholesale cap that is created so that users can feel cool when wearing it.

These caps have a polyester front and visor trim and a mesh in the triangles and arch that provide comfort to the wearer.

The trucker caps are usually one of the most sold for political campaigns because, due to its high polyester composition, they can be sublimated when they have a white background and that greatly improves the customization of the garment.

This is why it is ideal to buy it in bulk.

Caps can usually be stamped or embroidered.

However, this embroidery with the assembled caps does not cover all the space on the front of each of the caps.

It should be noted that one of the main features of the design of these caps is their mesh and the fact that the front is seamless in the middle.

This allows all the stamping processes described above to be carried out without any problems.

Basque type caps

The majority of wholesale cap orders are of the Basque type, also this type of caps are used in most fashion products.

These caps differ from the trucker cap in that they have no mesh and a split front.

This means that the front has a seam in the middle, making the cap a 5-hulled garment.

All caps are usually made for embroidered or appliquéd products.

Although it has a different design than trucker caps, it can be purchased wholesale, since it can be used for advertising campaigns or to equip the personnel of any company, such as one that provides security services.

Miner's caps

Miner’s caps, also known as chavo caps.

It is one of the caps that are often used as field equipment due to its additional extension at the nape of the neck to protect the wearer from the sun.

These caps have a very specific use and therefore are not usually used for advertising campaigns.

However, it is a very good option for all those who have to work under the sun, so the purchase of these caps are wholesale.

Golf Caps

Golf caps are very similar to trucker caps.

One of the differences lies in the fact that these caps do not have boning and do not have mesh.

To put it another way, it has the same design as the trucker cap but with totally different materials.

This type of cap of many caps, you should use it for when the advertising format you want to use is an all-over print on the front of the wholesale caps.

Ideally, caps should be printed without a seam in the middle of the front, as is the case with Basque caps.

Merged or non-merged hats?

It is important to note that in the manufacture of caps.

There is a process that can increase the price significantly depending on the caps you need.

You may or may not use this process to make your budget work.

This process is the fusing of the front of the caps if you use the Basque type cap.

Let me explain it well, the fused is that interlining that is put behind the front so that the caps have a firm fit when it is not on.

On Basque caps you can decide not to have the fusing to reduce costs.

The fact that the cap fits when it is not in use is not important to you.

REMEMBER!!! Everything to your needs.

Advertising formats for caps

The advertising formats for caps are directly related to give greater visibility to a brand or a product and/or service.

This is in order to give greater recognition to the aforementioned in front of others.

In this case, a type of format known as stamping is used.

Prints come in different types, which can be differentiated by technique, limitations and benefits for your wholesale caps.

All options are good, but depending on the use you want to give them, let’s check what prints there are:

Sublimated, screen and textile vinyl for caps

Sublimation, screen and textile vinyl are some of the printing techniques that have been trending in the last decade to be used in any of the caps mentioned above.

They are mainly characterized in that you can transfer any drawing, lettering or figure with its original colors to the cap fabric.

The difference in these lies in the pre-processing of the transfer and the fabric.

For example, sublimation printing can only be done on 100% polyester fabric.

While textile vinyl and screen vinyl can be transferred on any type of fabric such as trucker or basque caps.

In addition to this it is divided into two stages, one is the creation of what is to be transferred and thus be entered into the plotter and the stamping of the design by cutting and heat of the plotter.

Usually, sublimation for caps that are Basque type is handled as an appliqué to highlight the logo and embroidered around it. This is why sublimation is the most commonly used for the caps mentioned above.

Buy ready-made caps or order from the factory?

This is one of the most frequently asked questions by those who love retail and wholesale caps.

Specifically, if you need a considerable amount of caps to cover an event or something that requires a large number of products.

It is much better to have the caps manufactured for the following two reasons:

Firstly, you can have the product made to your liking and all the caps will be the same and secondly, the prices can be more comfortable for your pocket.

When you wish to buy ready-made caps, this is usually done when the quantity is below 12 units.

This is only when you need a specific color and it is in stock.

Many people make the mistake of first buying ready-made caps and when they want to buy the same cap again, they can no longer find it.

This is because the design of the caps are unique and it is unlikely that the model will be repeated.


Tip #1. Wholesale caps with or without fusing

Whenever you buy ready-made caps, check whether they are fused or not.

This is because the price changes considerably and always keep in mind the need of the moment.

If you want wholesale or retail caps to be much more stable in the front, fusing is the best option.

Tip #2. Check the seams of your caps

Check internal and visor seams before purchasing caps.

Usually, misuse or mishandling in storage can break the yarn and damage it more easily in the future.

Remember… Always ask for the best for your comfort.

Tip #3. Easier embroidery for any of the wholesale hats

Wholesale caps can be easily embroidered, however…BEWARE.

The embroidery will not be the same as a manufactured cap, this is because the size may be larger on the cap that is sent to be manufactured.

However, the embroidery for caps assembled with us comes out with a 1A detail and the outline is very good.

This is due to the fact that as cap manufacturers we have the tools and experience to ensure that the whole process and the product is of excellent quality.

We are a cap factory

We are experts in wholesale caps and we make your ideas with the best quality in the market. We sell wholesale and retail.

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