Colombia is experiencing a unique situation in its history. Our society is suffering from one of the pandemics that has most affected the lives of each of us and I am no stranger to any of the concerns that those of us in the Good Will family have.

I am writing to with all my love and respect, understanding the hard situation that you are going through. country. When Good Will was created, I always knew that the path would not was going to be easy. Over the years, we have encountered challenges that, with the help of the Good Will family, we were solving and that over time led us to create a company committed to its customers. However, I never thought that this of hard work, carried out hand in hand with our internal and external collaborators. to combat a pandemic that has silently invaded the world, and to the life of each one of us.

It is a difficult moment, a crucial moment, a moment that defines us as people and especially a moment to show the unity that has characterized Good Will for years in the most difficult situations. For many years we have enjoyed great successes that have brought prosperity to the more than 157 families, including personnel and service providers, who benefit from our work.

Therefore, it is my greatest wish to tell you that due to the situation known by all of us related to COVID-19 and in recognition of the work performed by you, this is the moment to acknowledge the Good Will family for their commitment and affection for our company throughout the years. Therefore, I would like to inform you that I have decided to support the payroll and its payments corresponding to the quarantine decreed by the government, as well as the payment of invoices of service providers that are already in progress. Additionally, I would like to communicate that internal notifications will be sent gradually to all work areas.

Finally, I pray for their families and for each one of the Colombians who are in the clinics facing this virus so that God may bless them with health and courage to face this quarantine.

In the hope that God let this situation be solved for all of us and let us continue to build a better world. Good Will Family, I wish you health and well-being for your families.

Cordially yours,



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