Good Will on national television

Good Will is a company that works with different types of clients nationwide. Many of them are very important companies in the industries to which they belong, of which we are proud suppliers and with whom we have been working hand in hand for years to improve our products and make their corporate identity the most important thing.

On this occasion RCN was very pleased with a gift we gave to the breakfast team. So much so, that they mentioned to us during the transmission that they make every morning to accompany Colombians.

Good Will Endowments on RCN

As you can see in the video, the jackets that the breakfast journalists have are waterproof with three pocket-sized embroideries on the chest and lower back. These jackets are semi-fitted for cold days and an excellent choice for employees who have to work outdoors. If you are interested in seeing our jackets, here you can see some of them:

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Good Will is committed to always improving its products and we are in continuous improvement to make our customers’ endowment an irrevocable identity in all areas of their business life.

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