Integral Policies

Here you will find our integral quality policy, mission and vision of Good Will.

Quality policy

In GOOD WILL S.A.S. Sweatshirts and T-shirts. We seek to ensure the satisfaction of all our stakeholders and our customers, which is why we are committed to the environment, occupational health and safety, and quality in the production of our products.
our service, looking for its continuous improvement and the positioning of our brand at national level.
As part of the company’s integral culture, the promotion of a good working environment and the protection of the environment are fundamental to our daily operations. For this reason, internal and commercial strategies will be implemented based on communication and training of stakeholders, with performance, innovation and responsibility as essential factors.

In order to achieve our business objectives, our commitments are as follows:

✓ Continuously improve and maintain safety, occupational health and environmental standards.
environment, carrying out the periodic review and due fulfillment of the objectives and goals
established in its integrated management system, applicable to all its work centers.
Quality assurance of products and services, meeting the established parameters.
in standards and technical specifications to the satisfaction of our customers and parties.

✓ Allocate resources for compliance with activities of the integrated management system.

✓ Comply with legal requirements in OSH, quality and environment as well as needs and expectations.
of our stakeholders

To promote consultation, participation and training of workers and their representatives.
in the integrated management system.

✓ Identify the aspects, assess the possible impacts of our activities on the environment.
and establishing the applicable control and mitigation activities, with the purpose of preventing
✓ Ensure environmental protection, working in a conscientious and respectful manner,
oriented towards minimizing the environmental effects produced as a consequence of the activity that
we develop
✓ Ensure a safe and secure workplace through hazard identification,
risk assessment and evaluation, defining the appropriate risk prevention controls, and
accidents and occupational diseases.


CACHUCHAS Y CAMISETAS GOOD WILL S.A.S. specializes in making the process of providing Colombian companies with the most effective and efficient way through the manufacture, distribution and marketing of business and advertising equipment.


GOOD WILL S.A.S. in 2030 will be a player
in Colombia’s main cities and expanding the market for the endowment of
presence in other segments through the digitalization, systems and generation of
value throughout the production chain.