Shirts for endowment in Bogota

Good Will S.A.S. is an experienced shirt manufacturer in the textile sector in Bogota, with more than 30 years in the market. We are the ideal partner to advise, develop and manufacture the corporate image of your business. We ship to all Colombia

We manufacture all types of shirts in Bogota, we are dedicated to the manufacture and distribution of business equipment. Our priority is to deliver high quality garments, with designs that show the brand’s identity. This is an essential product in the clothing of any of your collaborators and for that reason, we specialize in making the garments that the company needs.

We are a wholesale shirt factory

The process for the provisioning of women’s and men’s shirts is very careful, especially because sizing, cut, sleeves and some design additions often vary in their modifications depending on the company and its needs.

Understanding this need in the market, we have adapted our services for the manufacture of endowment shirts . In addition, we have a retail consulting service where we can offer our customers a wide range of products purchase options for less than 30 units in endowment shirts.

What kind of dotacion shirts do we manufacture?

There are many styles, these are specially designed for each company’s employees and have different needs from industry to industry. Therefore, there are all kinds of designs that you as a manager can choose from:

Being a factory of corporate uniforms We can tailor your idea to be agile, fast and effective, regardless of the type of garment you need for your company. Some of the most common designs are:

Do we manufacture other products besides business shirts?

We are an endowment factory that makes different products for the needs of our customers. We do not only manufacture shirts wholesale at Bogotá we also make shipments and manufacture other products.

The number of variants to make is infinite. For this reason, Good Will offers you the cuts and sizes of endowment shirts for women and men. Since accuracy in these aspects is extremely important in order to be able to offer high quality work shirts, these aspects can only be accomplished with a company that is a shirt manufacturer and has sufficient experience in the work shirt industry.

How do we work in manufacturing your custom shirts?

The process of making the equipment your company needs consists of several steps to deliver the product you want.

Before we start making the garment, we put our team of designers in place to create a sample based on the specifications of the garment, what fabric will be used, the colors and where the logos will be placed, all so that the garment fits the needs of your employees and your company. This process is always done, unless we have already made that product for you and you want to repeat it. After confirmation of the design, we will start production and deliver as agreed.

Our company has a warm seal of approval ISO 9001 version 2015. This means that all our processes are focused on having a high quality index. Our wholesale shirts will meet your expectations.

We makeOxford Shirt

This style of corporate shirts isthe most popular in endowments, it is made for both men and women in different colors and sizes. It is the ideal shirt, as it has a casual style with an elegant cut. The quality and durability of the fabric is very resistant, to withstand day to day in the work environment. The Oxford shirt as standard equipment It is ideal for administrative work.

What colors of work shirts do we handle?

We handle a wide range of colors to match your company’s corporate identity. We have the best fabric suppliers nationwide, therefore, we have available any color you need and consider the most appropriate to fit your brand.

For this reason, we have line colors and monochrome colors in case your company needs black or white. But we can also develop the color desired by the customer, matching the type of fabric that is of interest, the location of corporate logos, assembling a completely harmonious garment and thus satisfying the needs of companies.

Where can I put my brand on my corporate shirt?

We handle different kinds of printing such as: sublimation printing, computerized embroidery, screen printing, textile vinyl. The logo can be placed on the chest or on the side where the heart is located, it can be placed on the shirt collar, on the shoulders, on the cuffs or on the back.

we can include your company logo anywhere on the garment. However, the ideal places to place your brand may vary depending on the message you want to convey and the industry in which it is used.

The shirt with pocket allows you to have an ideal space to place your company logo which can be embroidered. All this accompanied by the right fabric and colors for your company, this will convey the personality of your brand more effectively.

What is the purpose of using shirts for my company’s equipment?

Wearing a shirt in a company allows for a wide range of options. Most of them are focused on providing garments to your staff and are usually focused on administrative and sales personnel of a company. It is worth noting that event shirts have become very popular lately in logistics or marketing companies. However, the ultimate goal is to use them as uniform shirts for your company and that is what we are here for, to help you in your process of supplying business shirts.

Where can you find us?

We are a company of shirts for endowment in Bogota and shirt manufacturer that makes wholesale shipments to any part of the country. We specialize in consulting, manufacturing, sales and after-sales service. Our corporate shirts factory is located in Bogota, Medellin and we also ship throughout Colombia. However, if you want to contact us, you can write us an email here.

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